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Nick's Pizza Review

Nick's Pizza, Newburyport, MA

Friday night is synonymous with family pizza night!!

The Friday after Thanksgiving is no different.  After a fun day of sightseeing, we went to Nick's Pizza to pick up a couple of pizzas for dinner.  My mother-in-law has a milk allergy, which can pose a problem with having pizza.  For me, the more cheese the better!!  At Nick's, not a problem!  We were able to order a pizza with half no cheese just the toppings and half with cheese and toppings.

We thoroughly enjoyed the pizza.  It is very saucy and not as cheesy.  The sauce wasn't spicy but the pepperoni was!  It wasn't greasy like some pizzas can be.

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Price - moderate unless you have coupons
Ambiance - average if you stay there,  it's a small pizza place
               - excellent if you get to pick where you eat it
Taste - Excellent

I would recommend this to anyone in the Newburyport, MA area.

Bertucci's review

Tonight we went to Bertucci's.  It's an Italian restaurant with Brick Oven specialties.  The restaurant was in Lynnfield/Beverly, MA.

When we lived on the West Coast, my East Coast raised husband raved about and missed Bertucci's.  Every time we came for a visit to the Boston area.  He had to go to Bertucci's and a seafood place for twin lobsters.

I usually get either the ravioli or the pizza.  Tonight, I had a Bertucci's calzoni with meatballs, pepperoni and caramelized onions.  It also had a ricotta, romano, mozzerella cheese filling as well.  The crust was nice and not too dense.  It wasn't sweet.  The Pomodoro sauce was a little spicy but was good.  The balance mixture of the creamy cheese and the meat was very tasty. You can also order the calzone with a whole wheat crust.

My husband got the Bertucci's Ultimate pizza.  Each quarter of our pepperoni pizza with a different topping — sweet Italian sausage, meatballs, rosemary ham and chicken.  

For my son we got the kids macaroni and cheese.  It was penne pasta with a thin cheese sauce, not something that kids think of when they think mac and cheese.  Although he did eat most of it!!

My in-laws each got the Chicken Broccoli Penne which is fresh grilled sliced chicken, broccoli and rigatoni in your choice of a lemon garlic cream or white wine sauce.  They had the garlic cream sauce.  It had whole cloves of garlic in it so it was garlicky!

The service was pretty good.  It wasn't very busy but it seemed as though the service staff didn't have anything to do but our waitperson was a little bit slow to check in on us.

Prices - moderate
Ambiance - Good (a family restaurant so the noise level can be a bit loud)
Service - Good
Taste - Excellent
I would recommend this restaurant to any hungry traveler!! If you see a Bertucci's, you need to stop!

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