Friday, June 24, 2011

keeping it cool

This is my second jungle season the east coast...time flies...can't believe that I've been a VA girl for almost a year!
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For a girl from the cloudy, gray, cool and rainy WA, the heat is something to get used to.

So to keep cool this summer and still have tasty meals, I've been trying out some new salad creations.

First keeping it cool's simple! Ready?

1 package couscous cooked according to the directions.  (I used chicken broth, curry, Montreal chicken seasoning for the seasoning)

Once cooled I add a vinaigrette dressing of my choice.  I don't add much...just enough to make it a little moist.  My favorite is a raspberry vinaigrette.  Add your choice of yummy items.  Last night I used cheese cubes,  left over crockpot chicken, strawberries, pine nuts.  YUMMY!

I'd love to hear what kinds of things you make while keeping it cool!  Have a great summer day!

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