Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday October 25th

Welcome to Monday!!! I was hoping to get my camera paraphernalia attached to my laptop so I could put up some video and pictures (other than my cell phone) but that didn't happen.  So hang in there I am working on it.

This weekend I went to my local grocery store looking for couscous.  All they had was couscous made from wheat flour, not any of the exciting kind...although I did see pearl couscous but it was made from wheat as well.

I bought Israeli couscous.  I bought the regular and also the whole wheat.  Even the store brand had a plastic container of couscous  that you could add your own seasonings and make a great side dish.  I did find LOTS of different boxed couscous...everything from sun-dried tomato to Mediterranean with feta and Greek seasoning.  Rule of thumb...don't shop when hungry!! :-)

I was even able to find Washington Apples!!! It was very exciting..especially after being 2900 miles from home.  I couldn't wait to get home and eat one!!

I'm going to retrieve a few couscous recipes and will use what I bought this weekend.  Once I am able to post the pictures and videos, I will upload them to the webpage.  I'm hoping by this weekend. I'll keep doing the word of the day and other interesting things I find about cooking. Including camera phone shots of stuff I make this week for dinner.

Thanks for checking in.  I'll ttyl!!

Love and good eats,


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