Friday, October 22, 2010

Preview of my Spotlight on Couscous

What is couscous?  How do you make it? Where does it come from?  What does it taste like?

I was at the store recently and saw bags of couscous on sale. On sale signs always make me take notice!!

I've made couscous before....out of the box...but never really knew what it was.  The bag that I picked up said Israeli couscous (I didn't even know they came in different nationalities) I took it home and tried it out!  It was delicious!

Couscous is eaten all over the world.  It is made in a variety of ways from a variety of things. The most common is actually a "pasta" and is made from semolina (wheat) flour.  It is made by rolling, moistening and shaping granules of flour until they are small and round.  Some couscous is made from pearl millet and barley.  Others are actually made from cornmeal.

Traditional couscous takes a long time prepare and is steamed over broth.  Most of what couscous you find here in the US are processed and are quick cooking (like 5 minutes).

What can you do with couscous?  It is traditionally served under meat or a stew but can be used as a side dish.  It can be served hot or cold.

What does it taste like?  It  really depends on how you make it...what you make it with...and how you dress it.  The Israeli couscous I made....I made with chicken broth, onion, garlic and some "Montreal chicken seasoning" .  It was quick cooking so it only took me about 10 minutes total to cook it.  It's like pasta but not as starchy.  I've also made it as a side dish salad...served it cold with cheese cubes, onion and drizzled a vinaigrette dressing over it.

This weekend I'll be buying some different kinds of couscous and will be posting pictures and recipes the beginning of next week.  So don't forget to come back and check it out.

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