Monday, November 15, 2010

The Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Expo.

My sweet boys, Nate-4, Sam-1

I have to put in the personal part of my fun day.  I have a 2 boys , 4 and 1.  It doesn't make for a lot of time to spend with my husband or for that matter alone with my husband.  I was thrilled when our friends graciously said "yes" when we asked if they would watch the boys so I could attend the expo.  I can't imagine going to an event like that with a curious 4 year old, and a stroller!  Honestly when I left the boys, I was very anxious because they haven't been away from me very much.  Not that I didn't think our friends could handle it.  I just didn't want them to have a horrible day while I was having fun!! But I didn't need to worry.  They all had fun. (at least the parts she told me)  The boys both fell asleep in the car on the way home.. So there was happiness all around.

But on to my Expo experience.  It was at first OVERWHELMING.  I haven't ever been to something SO HUGE.  I'm a country girl so visiting the city can be an adventure.

We were fortunate enough to ride the metro into DC and transfer to the right line and it took us right to the stairs of the  DC Convention Center.

The celebrity speakers were Bobby Flay and Paula Deen.and Rachel Ray.

(in this picture she was a cut-out)
We got there about noon and the first thing you noticed is the awesome smells coming from the expo floor.  They had a place you could stop and take pictures of the floor which was pretty neat.

When you first get down stairs, they were handing out a bag, map and things for the attendees.  I grabbed as many business cards as I could so the bag came in handy

There were lots of people there.  There was a cooking stage where the chefs from the Bloom kitchen showed different cooking techniques.

There was a food tasting pavilion that we went to put on by  They had different products from the show that you could sample and at the end you went to a computer and voted for your favorite.  It was really fun.  Made us feel "special"!

Here's a list of some of the vendors that I really liked.  There were LOTS that were awesome!

One of our favorites!  Being  country girl from WA dairy country, this company has a soft spot for me.  They deliver milk in glass jar and have ice cream too! We're going to try and stop by there on our way north this weekend. They are in Middletown, Maryland.
South Mountain Creamery

The BEST BBQ sauce we tasted was from Pork Barrel BBQ

They were on the show "Shark Tank".  The BBQ sauce is PHENOMENAL.

The BEST caramel cake!
Caroline's Cakes

A business that brings cupcakes to your party...where you are. GREAT IDEA!
Catch That Cupcake

Maple Butter - It is SO tasty you could just eat it off the spoon like frosting! Makes my mouth water even now.
Foss Foods

I got a sample of some hickory salt from the Spice Lab that I sprinkled over chicken last night,  VERY NICE!  Not spicy and not too smoky.

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