Thursday, November 18, 2010

simple and delicious

Here's a recipe that I've tried out this week that was delicious, simple and won't break your budget!! The best kind, right?

Monterey Chicken on a Shingle
Who doesn't love BBQ chicken with onion, cheese and bacon!?!? I was looking for something easy and delicious to make for a late night snack for my husband and I.

I used our toaster oven but you could toast the muffins in a regular toaster and then put in the oven to heat through.

I'm going to post how I assembled them and you can add or subtract what you like or don't like.  That's the great thing about can make it your way.

I took 3 English muffins and halved them.  I spread enough butter to cover the muffins (not slathered).  I took a 3 cooked chicken tenderloins and sliced them lengthwise and place them on 1 of the muffin halves. You could also use canned chicken as well.

On the other half, I sprinkled cheese and some diced onion (green onion would be another alternative) bacon bits and a small squirt of BBQ sauce.  I put the muffins in the toaster oven and toasted them like I normally would make toast.  Our toaster takes about 4 minutes and toasts both the top and bottom.  I put them together like a sandwich...viola...easy and tasty!

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